The flexible facilities at Higher Wiscombe are also available to corporate guests. There are sixteen ensuite bedrooms so can cater for a maximum of 16 in single occupancy, up to 32 in shared. Smaller groups can also be accommodated. We have had a variety of corporate groups stay, from those just looking for accommodation and a conference room, (seats a maximum of 16 in board room mode) to those looking for team building with a full range of activities. Onsite we can offer information on a variety of activities, the parking barn, normally reserved for The Winery parking, has a weatherproof door and has been used for all kinds of events, from Boot-Camp exercise area, to yoga retreat, to archery and gunnery range. Nearby we even have Land Rover’s own 4×4 off-road centre. Spa treatments can be delivered on site and catering can also be arranged. Please note that we are a VAT registered business, so all prices include VAT.

If there’s anything we can help with, please contact us today, without obligation.