Things You May Not Like

Working farm, there is livestock on our fields, mainly sheep

Under no circumstances is it acceptable to charge your Electric Vehicle with a cable from one of the cottages. This is dangerous and could invalidate our insurance. We provide safely installed charging points. If we see cables used in this way they will be removed and returned at the end of your stay.

No Chinese Lanterns to be lit under any circumstances

Drones may only be flown with permission and an explanation of where our land extends to. They cannot be flown over our neighbours property.

We live on site
 in the farmhouse

We have friendly pets, two dogs, three cats

Having dedicated times to use the pool, we find it works best on a rota system

Decent, not limitless Wifi and no Sky

Parking arrangements: There is no parking in the courtyard, just unloading. (Each cottage has dedicated parking for all guests provided in close proximity to each cottage)

No extra guests without permission

We ask you to look after the property

We ask you to recycle
 and make this as easy as possible

No fireworks without express permission
 (there is livestock and wildlife in all directions)

No excessive noise that might disturb other guests.

Can be pitch dark at night, no light pollution