At Higher Wiscombe we try to make it as easy as possible for guests to recycle waste.

Each barn is provided with biodegradeable food bags and large blue food caddys to put all food waste in, both cooked and uncooked. This means guests have no requirement to seperate food waste into different types.

Secondly, we have a covered recycling area, which is clearly signed. There are four wheelie bins for glass, which does NOT have to be sorted by colour and large wheelies for clean cardboard, paper, tins, plastic and tetra pack. All this waste is collected on a collection run by Bottleman in Beer, a local company.

Please follow the guidelines and put food waste into the bins provided, that way the general rubbish bags don’t attract vermin when left for collection.

Please visit our Eco page to see this all impacts on Higher Wiscombe’s sustainability. It is easy to make a difference, even whilst on holiday.