We respectfully ask our guests to read the information below. Very few guests breach these rules, and we are desperately keen not to have ugly signs everywhere. 

1/ Electric Vehicle charging is not included in the price. As it is not metered, we ask you to give us an estimate before you leave off the electricity used. We will provide an invoice/receipt for you.

2/ Under no circumstances are you to bring electrical appliances to Higher Wiscombe, other than laptops and phone chargers, without explicit written permission. This includes air conditioning units. Guest appliances have not been PAT tested and could invalidate our insurance. We will levy a charge if we find they have been operating without consent.

3/ Fireworks, fire pits, portable BBQ’s and Chinese Lanterns are explicitly forbidden at Higher Wiscombe. The whole surrounding area is a tinder box in summer and there are livestock on pretty much all the fields surrounding Higher Wiscombe. We must also ask that drones are not flown from the premises as there will be other people present at all times of the year, as well as livestock.

4/ Whilst reasonable numbers of visiting guests are allowed, additional overnight guests are not. The cottage occupancy limits are clear on the website. This could invalidate our insurance.

5/ Guests who invite visitors who have dogs, must check with us first. Any visiting dogs must abide by our Doggy Code of Conduct

6/ Guests who invite visitors to come and join them during the day are not entitled to use the swimming pool unless explicit permission has been granted. A couple of guests is normally acceptable.

7/ If you have booked more than one cottage, please don’t move items either internal or external from one cottage to another. If you would like to move something, a BBQ for example, we can arrange safely moving these and then re-installing them.