Hank Marvin

Hank Marvin and the link to Higher Wiscombe

Hank Marvin lived at Higher Wiscombe from 1971 to 1974. He is the leader of the famous Shadows whose no 1 hits include:

– Apache
– Kon-Tiki
– Living Doll
– The Young Ones and several more………..

Other famous hits include:
– The theme from The Deer Hunter
– Atlantis

The Shadows remain the UK’s most successful instrumental band and their singles have been in the UK charts for almost 800 weeks in total.

Hank Marvin was a popular figure in Southleigh, in the early seventies the village had its very own popstar. He was not at all remote towards the locals and many came to know him quite well. The late Peggy Dennet, our children’s favourite baby-sitter, used to baby sit for his children, and told us of the regular visits of Olivia Newton-John and Cliff Richard to Higher Wiscombe.

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A Shadows album Hank and his Fender Hank lived here Hank's Fender Guitar
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