Hank Marvin Continued

He was responsible for putting in the swimming pool, which must have been regarded as quite a luxury in those days, as well as modernising the house to true seventies standards. Hank Marvin used to refer to Higher Wiscombe as his “Devon Estate” and if you get taxi from one of the older drivers at Honiton Railway Station you’re best asking for “Hank Marvin’s place”, it will still get you here, plus a story or two!

One of the momentoes we have of his tenure here is the burglar alarm he had installed. We found the master box when we were doing up the old dairy and it’s a simple system by todays standards. If a door or window was opened, it broke a circuit, which then automatically called the police and played a 7” single to them. Sadly, not a rare recording of Apache or FBI, instead, Hank Marvin’s voice politely asking the Police to come as quickly as possible.

We are currently on the search for posters and photographs of Hank Marvin and the Shadows so that we can feature his time here. Particularly relevant in The Old Winery, which we are told he had plans to make into a recording studio.

As we find out more information of his stay here we’ll post it up here. Thanks for reading.