Extra Charges

What do we charge extra for?

Pretty much everything is included in the price you have paid for your stay at Higher Wiscombe. To see what we include in the price please see the “What we include” tab here. Things that are not included are as follows.

Dogs: We welcome dogs at Higher Wiscombe, for which we make a small charge for them, please see the Dogs tab here for more details.

Electric Vehicle charging: We have electric vehicle charging available at Higher Wiscombe, for which we charge for the electricity used by the guest charging their vehicle.

Damages: Any damages have to be paid for; we do not charge for the odd glass and plate, however it is worthwhile checking to see if your insurance or credit card covers you for major breakages whilst on holiday. Otherwise we recommend you look into Holiday Insurance.

Things that we would most definitely charge for would be, any damage to our property or neighbours properties caused by Chinese Lanterns, Dyes in bathrooms or on towels, felt pen marks and wax crayon marks.

When recycling, please follow the simple instructions as putting food waste into general rubbish or recycling into general rubbish will result in an extra charge, as someone here will have to separate it.

Extra guests: The barns have been designed to sleep the advertised number of guests in Five Star luxury according to Visit England’s National Quality Assessment Scheme, NQAS. No extra adults are allowed without written agreement. We do allow babies in cots in addition to these guest numbers but we will need to know this in advance and agree to the total number. We also need to know in advance all guest names and ages so as to meet fire regulations. We may agree to extra guests and babies but there may be a fee payable. Our biggest challenge is not space, but insurance, our water supply and bio-plant, which can only cater for a finite number.