Doggy rules

Doggy Code at Higher Wiscombe

  • On arrival please keep your dog(s) on the lead while you unpack and get your bearings. It’ll take a few minutes and get to know the site and where the walks are. There is an area close to the cottages where you can let them off to stretch their legs. Other guests may have dogs too, so control is important at all times.
  • We have two friendly cats, one particularly likes to befriend all our guests at every opportunity. If your dog(s) have any problem with cats you must notify us prior to booking and we may ask you not to bring them.
  • There will be other guests, other dogs and animals on site so you must keep your dog(s) on a lead in the courtyard, and around the other properties, this means keeping them on the lead when you first set out for your walk. Once they’re out in the designated fields or the orchard they can be off the lead as much as you like provided they are under your control. They must not chase any livestock or wildlife.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the bedrooms, but are allowed on the sofas provided that you use the throws provided and keep the dog from contact with the soft furnishings. We can provide stair gates in the cottages which will help control where the dog(s) can wander in the cottages. We will have to levy an extra cleaning charge if they have been on the beds or on the uncovered sofas and damaged sheets will have to be paid for.
  • If you are part of a group booking, and your party has taken two or more cottages the dog(s) must remain in the cottage that the dog(s) were booked into. If they are going to enter the other cottages the dog fee per cottage must be paid in addition as each cottage will need additional cleaning.
  • To avoid yellow patches on the lawns we provide you with “doggy rocks” to go in the water bowls. Please use these, they are not harmful to your dog but will protect our lawns..
  • You must let us know in advance if you’re intending on bringing your dog(s). All dogs must be booked in by prior agreement. Any dogs that have not been booked in may not be allowed to stay and you will need to book them into a local kennel. All dog(s) will be charged at £25 per dog per stay, per cottage. The Thatched Barn and The Old Winery can accept a maximum of two dogs and the Flint Barn just one unless agreed in advance.
  • Your dog(s) must not be left alone with free run of the property. We provide dog crates, with sherpa cage mats and some dog treats. We provide a guide of dog friendly pubs and restaurants and places to visit so that your dog can be with you as much as possible.
  • We regret that dogs that bark continuously are not allowed at Higher Wiscombe. They will disturb the other guests.
  • When you bring a muddy dog back from a walk, please clean them off using the outside tap and the coloured canine towels provided.  Please on no account use the white towels provided for human use.
  • Poop patrol! When you take your dogs for a walk, please pick up after your dog(s) including in our fields, as these are open to all guests. Please dispose of poops in the outside poo-bin, whatever the weather. We provide a dedicated poo bin outside each cottage as well as a dedicated bin near the recycling area, so please use them. And remember to take bags with you to the beach and on walks.
  • Each garden is enclosed so you can relax outside with your dog(s), the gates must be kept shut at all times.
  • If you have a puppy please take extra care. They will chew the furniture or soft furnishings here in our 5 star cottages! Maintaining our grading is key to our business and we can’t always repair things, it has to be replaced, we will have to charge you. We do provide cages whenever dogs are booked in.
  • The Countryside Code must be followed so please keep your dog(s) under close control at all times for their own safety as well as the comfort of others.
  • The dog(s) are not allowed in the garden surrounding the swimming pool.
  • Please give the cottage a basic clean, and remove as much of the dog hair as possible; if properties require serious additional cleaning we will have to charge a £100 fee to cover the cost. (From September 2013 when we started taking dogs to August 2022 this has never needed to be applied).
  • There are lots of dog walks on our 52 acres and in the surrounding lanes. Please do be aware there may be animals in our fields, and do not take dogs into fields with animals. There will always be at least half of our 52 acres available to you and will include woods and streams.
  • Please also make sure you close any gates behind you. We will provide you with a variety of walks in our fields where there will be no livestock. However, to get to the footpaths at the top our drive you will pass through fields with livestock and your dog(s) will need to be on a lead as you pass through.