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Help for Heroes: We have raised nearly £9000 for this charity since we started doing dinners for them. In addition we have made it possible for the Brew Agency to raise £3000 for Help for Heroes whilst they have their Christmas parties here.


Macmillan Cancer: We regularly donate a week in one of our small cottages each year to this charity to raffle. So far this has raised nearly £6000.


Our Charity of the Year.


Light Up East Africa Foundation (LU(EA)F) has been founded by Elesh Gheewala, Alistair’s best friend from school and Godfather to all our three children. It was Initially established to try and break the kerosene dependency in rural villages with obvious financial and health benefits. (Burning a kerosene lamp in a hut for one evening is the equivalent to forty cigarettes being smoked in that hut). Further benefits have made this a compelling mission. Further benefits have come to light that make this even more compelling.


In East Africa many are paid via their mobile phones, yet they have no electricity in the villages to charge them up. They have to take time off work to walk to the nearest town to pay for their phones to be re-charged. The solar lamps are also configured to charge phones, helping break another dependency.


However the biggest benefit has not been health or financial, it has been educational. The children in the huts with the solar lamps are not limited by financial constraint as to how much homework they can do, so they do much, much more and are therefore improving their educational attainment. This has now this become the major reason for supporting this charity, this does not say that the health and financial benefits are any less, just that it has had a really positive outcome that was not initially anticipated.


How are we helping?

  • We held three fund raising dinners so, along the lines of our Help for Heroes suppers and this has raised over £3,000 enough to light up several small villages.
  • Our daughter Charlotte went to Kenya in April 2014 and our son Harry is going in November 2016 to help deploy the lights and to “To Light Up a Small Village”.
  • The children will be staying with her Godfather in Kenya, so all monies raised will go on the lamps themselves

This will significantly change the lives of  entire villages in East Africa. We are therefore extremely grateful for the support we have received.w